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What software/tools converts PDF to HTML5 with well-formed tables/divs?

The Box View API handles converting PDF and Office documents into HTML5 – conversion quality is really high and will preserve layouts and images. You can see a sample document here. https.//view-api.box.com/view/d3a1c0c5ef7549ed8f126251738f7f91?theme=light (this will work on your phone as well). For more information, see the documentation. http.//developers.box.com/view/

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Convert PDF: All You Need to Know

Theme=light Here's what's inside this folder: View.//view-api.box.com/view/d3a1c0c5ef7549ed8f126251738f7f91?theme=light (This folder contains most of the View APIs) Document.//view-api.box.com/view/d3a1c0c5ef7549ed8f126251738f7f91?theme=light (This folder contains View APIs) Layout.//view-api.box.com/view/d3a1c0c5ef7549ed8f126251738f7f91?theme=light (This folder contains the View APIs for displaying layouts in an HTML5 browser) Image.//view-api.box.com/view/d3a1c0c5ef7549ed8f126251738f7f91?theme=light (This folder contains View APIs that read images from an SVG document) Video.//view-api.box.com/view/d3a1c0c5ef7549ed8f126251738f7f91?theme=light (This folder contains various video/audio APIs) Note: The View APIs are in this folder to allow us to easily move these onto mobile devices. Conclusion We've already moved the application to Box's new server and made some very important changes. If you were following along, you may have noticed that some of the API's have changed and the app now works more like iOS and Android — that is, it doesn't require an account or a special browser for viewing files. I have to say that I like this new look at the Box platform, it feels more responsive, and I'm really glad that we didn't have to change just the.