Is there a Way to Auto Convert a PDF into An Audio Book?

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Is there a way to auto-convert a PDF into an audio book?

As usual, this question leaves me wondering what was left out. What kind of recording is it? Is it a song? How many files do you need to transcribe? If there is only one file, I might answer one way, and if you have a recurring requirement to transcribe MP3 files I might give you a different answer. How good is the recording? How many people are talking on the recording? So. Making some assumptions here.… If it were me, I would upload the file to Dragon Professional Individual 15 and let it transcribe the file for me. You, however, may not want to spend the money to purchase a license for DPI 15. If I didn't already own a license for DPI 15 and really didn't want to spend any money, I would do this. I would do a Google search for “transcribe MP3 file to text.” That will give you links to all kinds of services that do just what you want, some of which offer a free trial. I haven't used any of them, however, so I can't say anything about how accurate t are. Sorry, Korchipati . I'm afraid you're on your own there.

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You can try Google Transcribe, using this link, but I wouldn't recommend it. Google Transcribe uses a proprietary software. I know of one company, Transcribe Pro, that does this on a free trial basis. I would rather not do this just for the sake of doing it. Even if the service were excellent, I don't know whether I would really want to make a significant investment in it. If it's no big deal, it will probably be no problem. The key word is probably “if”. What if I wanted to use this program to convert all images (with a non-photo-type file type) to text using a free online service? That would take me one week, and then I'd have to spend three days transcribing and re-correcting and editing to be ready for the print. That's it for now.