How Long Will It Take for a Php Developer to Develop An Image Editing?

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How long will it take for a PHP developer to develop an image editing software with functionalities like cut, crop, rotate, save as, and convert PDF to jpg?

Let’s start off by assuming that you are starting from the absolute beginning and have no experience with coding in any programming language. My first recommendation would be to study up on html. It isn’t hard to learn but in my humble opinion, it will help you in the long run. HTML is the markup language that can be equated to the skeleton of all websites. Spend some time learning the fundamentals of HTML. Once you learn HTML, then I recommend you learn the basics of CSS. Since HTML is the skeleton of websites, CSS can be equated to the skin of a website. Once you have HTML and CSS covered, then you can start looking at PHP which I will equate to your nervous system (MySQL which is the database, I consider to be the brain). PHP is a server side programming language that adds dynamic functionality to your website. Then you will want to learn WordPress specific Classes, Methods and Functions. Timeline HTML - Two Weeks of 2 hours per day CSS - Three weeks of 2 hours per day PHP - Four weeks of 3 hours per day WordPress - Four weeks of 3 hours per day Now this is a general guideline to learn the very basics. You will not become a pro developer in this short timeline but you will start to gain a greater understanding of how everything works together. Putting the pieces together. Also, when I state the hours per day and the weeks, I am basing it on the assumption that you can be extremely focused during this time. If you have a lot of distractions, then you will have to add more time. I am also basing this answer on the assumption that you are good at studying. Resources. W3Schools Online Web Tutorials Interactive Code Learning. High-Quality Programming Tutorials and References Khan Academy PHP Manual - Manual Theme Development Getting Started | Theme Developer Handbook | WordPress Developer Resources Underscores is a starter theme you can use to jumpstart your theme. Online Video Tutorials & Training Lynda Learn Web Design, Web Development, and More | Treehouse Unlimited Online Developer, IT and Creative Training Pluralsight If you put in the effort and time, then you can succeed. Active Learning is important. Build things with what you learn as you learn them.

PDF documents can be cumbersome to edit, especially when you need to change the text or sign a form. However, working with PDFs is made beyond-easy and highly productive with the right tool.

How to Convert PDF with minimal effort on your side:

  1. Add the document you want to edit — choose any convenient way to do so.
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  3. Improve your text’s clarity by annotating it: add sticky notes, comments, or text blogs; black out or highlight the text.
  4. Add fillable fields (name, date, signature, formulas, etc.) to collect information or signatures from the receiving parties quickly.
  5. Assign each field to a specific recipient and set the filling order as you Convert PDF.
  6. Prevent third parties from claiming credit for your document by adding a watermark.
  7. Password-protect your PDF with sensitive information.
  8. Notarize documents online or submit your reports.
  9. Save the completed document in any format you need.

The solution offers a vast space for experiments. Give it a try now and see for yourself. Convert PDF with ease and take advantage of the whole suite of editing features.

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