How Do I Convert a Given Url Or Html Page to PDF Using Php?

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How do I convert a given URL or HTML page to PDF using PHP/JavaScript script?

You can do it using jsPDF Html page JavaScrip file To run this code you need to include jspdf.debug.js in the head section of your html code. In this code i call jQuery function when button is click and inside this function write code for download pdf file. Updated ans. You can simply write a window.print any onclick event. Using this you can directly print or save in pdf your html page.

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Convert PDF: All You Need to Know

If you know HTML and JavaScript in particular or Adobe Acrobat you can print your HTML webpage on your computer using this code. It is a PDF (Portable Document Format) or PDF file. PDF is a file format for storing and displaying images. PDF was created in 1976 to solve the large amount of ink used in printing journals. Because of its compact size, it was ideal for documents in which color printing was needed, but paper was costly. To use this function simply add the function code to the head section of your HTML page. This code in its simplest form is used for loading information of PDF.

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