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Submit important papers on the go with the number one online document management solution. Use our web-based app to edit your PDFs without effort. We provide our customers with an array of up-to-date tools accessible from any Internet-connected device. Upload your PDF document to the editor. Browse for a file on your device or add it from an online location. Insert text, images, fillable fields, add or remove pages, sign your PDFs electronically, all without leaving your desk.


Is there an Android app to underline while reading a PDF file and saves the changes?
Yes. You can use ezPDF Reader for viewing and annotating .pdf documents. With this app you can also add text in text box and sticky notes, highlight, strikethrough texts, draw rectangles, ovals and freehand drawings. It lets you choose whether to save changes in original file or make a copy.Because of its rich features, I would say it's the best Android app for dealing with .pdf files.Link to ezPDF at Google Play:, the app is not free. Unless every Android app is free for you, if you know what I mean..
What's the best PDF reading app for iPad that lets you annotate or draw on canvas?
I use PDFelement. It is professional and easy to use. You can underline, highlight, strikethrough, draw, adding stamps, text call-out etc. and free. :)
Need a free pdf to word and other format converter.?
Consider using your Google Drive to convert PDF to Word, as well as some other file formats. You simply upload your PDF to Google Drive, save it to Google Docs and download as a DOCX or some other file from there. Here is the link to Google Drive:Meet Google Drive – One place for all your files This video tutorial explains this easy process in 3 short steps:
What is the best PDF form creator for Mac?
you can make your own PDF fillable form with adobe acrobat DC. If any problem to create any forms, invoices, or other form click on the link below.
Where exactly in Maxwell Dworkin's basement is the printer that prints for free?
To add on to Anon's answer, there's a nice printer in Pierce Hall. Second floor, right next to the bridge to Cruft Hall. Make sure your document is a PDF on a USB stick, you can plug and print from there.(Edit: No longer prints, but you can scan documents to your USB.)But if you want to print anywhere in SEAS, and specifically Maxwell Dworkin, it just so happens I got this lovely guide to printing from Pin-Wen Wang! (Warning: long and boring. I got impatient and ran off to Pierce with a USB.)You'll need an @seas account to print. You can get one by asking a SEAS faculty member -- you fill out a form online and type in their email address, from there I guess all they need to do is push a button on their end.Here are all the printers in SEAS:Directions for WINDOWS (best bet is to use method 2, LPR)Windows XP or Win 7Please read this article first if you use Change Pdf Text /4425156 Add Text Box To Pdf Free Change Pdf Text /4425156 Add Text Box To Pdf Free or Reader to print PDF files on SEAS network printers.You have two options to add printers under a Windows operating system:SMB - this is quick, as you just have to double-click the printer to set it up. Relies on a printer driver installed by the print server.LPR - takes a bit longer to set up, but relies on a printer driver located on your computer, which is sometimes more compatible with your host operating system depending on printer model.Using SMB (double-click)You can use SMB printing in most cases without issue. In rare circumstances, you might want to try LPR instead. These circumstances are described in the next section. 64-bit versions of Windows will not work with this method. Try the LPR method below instead. For a list of the publicprinters please follow this link Public network printersOpen the appropriate print server share (substitute "print-server" with either print0 or print1):In Windows XP, Click Start, then Run..., then type\\ or \\ in the dialog box, then click OK.In Windows 7, Click the Start button, type \\ or \\ in the "Start Search" section at the bottom, then press Enter.A Windows explorer window opens, and, after a few seconds, populates with all of the available printers.Scroll through the list (or type the first few characters of the printer name), then double-click the printer.At this point, you may get a message asking if Windows can install a printer driver. Click OK, then the printer is installed.Using LPR (local printer driver)In some cases, mainly printing complex PDF documents, some printers work better if you install a printer via LPR, which uses a local printer driver rather than the one given to the computer by the print server. Use this procedure to install a printer via LPR (For a list of the public printers please follow this link Public network printers):Do one of the following:In Windows XP, click Start Printers and Faxes.In Windows 7, click the Start button, then type printers in the "Start Search" section at the bottom, then press Enter.Click the Add a Printer link (Windows XP) or button (Windows 7).In Windows XP, the first screen that appears is a Welcome screen. Click Next.The next screen gives you a choice to add either a local or a network printer:In Windows XP, select Local printer attached to this computer and clear the Automatically detect and install my Plug and Play printer checkbox, and then click the Nextbutton.In Windows 7, select the Add a local printer option.Select the Create a new port: radio button, then select Standard TCP/IP Port from the list of options, then click the Next button.In Windows 7, select TCP/IP Device in the Device type: list.Type in the Printer Name or IP Address text box, where "print-server" is either "print0" or "print1" depending on which printer you are looking for. Remove any initial text and type name of the printer you are setting up in the Port name text box (for example, prc-2flr-clr2).For Windows 7, be sure the Query the printer and automatically select the driver to use checkbox is cleared (NOT selected).Click the Next button.In the next window, select the Custom radio button then click the Settings... button.In the Configure Standard TCP/IP Port Monitor windows, do the following:Select the LPR radio button.Type the name of the printer in the Queue name text box. (Ex. prc-2flr-clr2)Select (check) the checkbox next to LPR Byte Counting EnabledClick OK.Click the Next button and the Finish button to get back to the Add Printer Wizard.In the Install Printer Software (Windows XP) or Install the printer driver (Windows 7) window, find the driver that matches the type of printer to which you are connecting.Note: Use the Postscript version of the driver if one exists.Note: If you do not see your driver listed under its manufacturer, try clicking the Windows Update button, which will update the driver list after a few minutes. If you still do not see the driver, try downloading the driver from HP's website (Printer Driver Download Links), unpacking it, and then clicking the Have Disk...button to tell Windows where to find the driver.After selecting a driver, click the Next button, then type a printer name. The default name is just the name of the driver, so you can highlight the default name then type whatever you want. As a best practice, use the same name that you used to set up the printer port- for example, prc-2flr-clr.Next, select whether you want the printer to be the default printer, then click the Next button.In the Printer Sharing window, click the Next button, then select Yes to printer a test page, click the Next button, then click the Finish button to complete the printer setup.MAC INSTRUCTIONSConnect to a network printer - OS XSelect System Preferences... under the Apple Menu (top left corner of your screen).Select Print & Fax from the System Preferences.Click the + (plus) button under the list of printers.Choose IP Printer.Configure the printer as follows:Select Line Printer Daemon - LPD from the Protocol drop down menu.In the Address field type: where "print-server" is the appropriate print server (e.g. "print0" or "print1")In the Queue field type: printer_queue_nameReplace the printer_queue_name part above with the actual name of the printer you would like to use. Here's a list of public printers and their queue names.In the Name field type the printer queue name.Select the model of the printer from the Print Using... drop down menu.Click the Add button.Configure optional features:If the printer you are printing to has more than 2 trays, check the box next to the correct tray number to allow you to print to the extra trays.If the printer supports duplexing (two-sided printing), check the duplex unit box.From the Paper Matching drop down menu, select Nearest Size and Scale:Click the Continue button. A dialog box displays showing the new printer in the printer list.Good luck!
How can I draw a Venn diagram using MS Word?
The below is the steps for drawing a Venn diagram with MS Word. It May be difficult, as the MS Word is a ducument software, not an expert for drawing . If you need to drawing a complex Venn diagram, i advise you to use the specific drwaing software.Step 1: Double-click your Word document to open it in Word.Step 2 : Click Insert. It’s one of the tabs at the top of the screen.Step 3: Click SmartArt. It’s in the toolbar. This opens the SmartArt dialog box.Step 4: Click Relationships. It’s in the left column.Step 5: Scroll down and click the Basic Venn icon. These icons are not labeled until you hover your mouse over them. The Basic Venn icon is on the second-to-last row and looks like three overlapping circles.Step 6: Click OK. You should now see a Venn diagram in your document.Step 7: Click [Text] in each circle to enter your own details. This fills in the major categories of the diagram.Step 8: Draw a text box where you want to enter an overlapping value.To enter text box mode, click the Insert menu, select Text Box, then Draw Text Box.Click and drag the mouse cursor over any area where the circles overlap. This draws a box.Let go of the mouse cursor once your box is placed.Step 9: Right-click the outline of the text box. Make sure your mouse cursor is right on the line that surrounds the text box. A pop-up menu will appear.Step 10: Click Format shape. This opens the Format Text Effects dialog.Step 11: Select No Fill under “Fill.” This removes the background of the text box.Step 12 : Select No Line under “Line.” This removes the outline around the text box.Step 13: Click the text box and type your description.Step 14: Click another area of the Venn diagram (outside of the text box). This adds two new options to the toolbar at the top of the screen—Design and Format.Step 15: Click Design and/or Format to change your diagram’s look. Both options are at the top of the screen. Now that you've built your diagram, you can customize it with colors, gradient/fill levels, and accents.Once you've perfected your diagram, be sure to save your document by clicking File and then Save.As i said before, MS Word is not a specific drawing software, it is difficult and troublesome to drwaing a complex Venn. I wanna to advise you to use Edraw software. Edraw Max is definitely the easiest and fastest visualization software to create Venn diagrams of any kind for any user, whatever his role is. Unlock your creativity with this easy-to-use intelligent software. Imagine with free templates. Design easily. And create amazingly. Fully compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux. More important, you can export & import frequent-used formats, such as word, excel, html, svg, pdf, and so on with one click.Best example for Venn diagram:
How can I make a Pdf file?
Foxit Phantom can do it :PDF Editor,PDF Editor Download,PDF Text Editor | Foxit SoftwarePDF Editor – Perform all your document updates in PDFDocuments evolve over time, requiring the needs for multiple file formats to be updated – the word processor, page layout, and file sharing formats. Now, once it’s converted into PDF, update it in PDF.Paragraph edit and have text flow across multiple paragraphs, columns, and pages.Change the document layout by moving text boxes, changing its sizes, or how text is justified.Professionalize documents by adding stamps, watermarks, headers, footers, bates number, etc.Organize – Manipulate PDF files and pagesOften we create new documents from pages of existing documents. PhantomPDF allows you to quickly and easily organize and manipulate your PDF to support your workflows.Merge PDF documents together or split PDF apart.Drag and drop pages within a document or from one document to another.Crop, delete, add, swap, flatten, and rotate PDF pagesCollaborate and Share – Annotate, share, and collaborate with PDFWhen teams collaborate and share information, they work at their best. PhantomPDF links knowledge workers together to increase flexibility and results.Integrate with leading Content Management Systems.Utilize popular storage sharing products.Initiate shared reviews and provide and manage comments.PDF Creator – Create PDF docs, forms, and portfoliosThe connected world shares documents in the PDF format. PhantomPDF allows you to create PDF from all file formats. Foxit is the first vendor to deliver PDF 2.0 file view.Create PDF, PDF/A, PDF/X, and PDF/E from Microsoft Office and virtually any file format.Create PDF Portfolios to tie multiple files together and PDF Forms to collect data.Convert webpages to PDF from the Chrome, Internet Explorer, and Firefox browsers.Convert PDF – Share Information on PDF with Other File FormatsMany workflows require information within PDF documents be shared in other file formats. PhantomPDF enables users to export PDF into popular file formats.Convert PDF to Word, PowerPoint, and Excel.Convert PDF to image formats such as JPEG and PNG.Convert PDF to HTML and text.Scan and OCR – Scan to PDF, OCR PDF, and edit scanned PDFsMany times hardcopy documents are required to be in digital format. PhantomPDF supports capabilities to support your paperless office workflows.Interfaces with your scanner to scan and convert to PDF. Will convert existing scans (i.e. images) to PDF.OCRs image based content into selectable and searchable text. OCR (Optical Character Recognition) identifies characters and words within images.OCR option to make text editable, which is really valuable when updating documents when you only have the hardcopy.Protect and Sign – Encrypt, redact, and sign PDFsMany documents contain confidential information. Don't just protect your perimeter, protect information by protecting the documents themselves. PhantomPDF provides multiple security options.ConnectedPDF Powered - grant and revoke document access.Extends usage control of Microsoft Rights Management Services to PDF documents.Permanently remove (redact) visible text and images from PDF to protect sensitive information.Section 508 Compliance – Document Accessibility Through Assistive TechnologyPhantomPDF enables PDF document accessibility for people with disabilities who use assistive technology to have access to information.JAWS (Job Access With Speech) compatibility allowing blind and visually impaired users to read the screen either with a text-to-speech output or by a refreshable Braille.Checks accessibility of PDF files to verify if the document complies with Section 508 technology standards. Identifies and provides fixes for accessibility checker failed results to make the PDF file comply with Section 508 technology standards.Enables users to easy create JAWS compliant PDF from files using Microsoft Office file formats.PhantomPDF Online – Cloud based PDF EditorPhantomPDF comes bundled with PhantomPDF Online, a cloud based PDF editor which provides many of the same capabilities as the PhantomPDF product.PDF editor capabilities available through a web browser, so you have access everywhere, all the time.Bundled with PhantomPDF subscriptions.Bundled with PhantomPDF 1-time purchases for one year and customers who are current on maintenance.Try PhantomPDF Free for 14 Days!